Overview Activities

Activities in the framework of the HerMan project are implemented according to five work packages and encompass educational and working sessions, pilot actions, conferences, and professional exchanges.

Good Practice Visits

In total, six good practices visits are organized within the Work Package 4. They take place in the cities/regions of the partners as well as in other places outside the partnership. These visits allow to discover case studies and to share experience and expertise. These visits propose and initiate interesting dialogues between preservation, development, awareness raising and innovative services.

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Pilot Actions

The pilot actions are part of the Work Packages 3 and 4. They take place in the middle of the working process. They aim to test the management models and innovative services designed and developed previously. In total there are seven pilot actions arising in the partnership locations.

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The HerMan partners meet and work together during conferences, working sessions, workshops, and coordination meetings. They make assessments of previous working phases or actions and deal with the coming activities and events. The conferences, accompanied by press conferences, welcome a wide audience and allow keeping informed stakeholders, politicians as well as anyone interested in the HerMan Project.

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Management Courses

Four management courses are organised within the HerMan Project. They are a part of the Work Package 5, which aims to strengthen the management capacities of the heritage professionals. Each of them deals with a specific topic regarding the cultural heritage management. 

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Staff Exchanges

Six staff exchanges are organised within HerMan. They are a part of the Work Package 5 as well. The aim is to share professional experience, to try out different working methods and to discover other services/units. 

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