Pilot Action 1: Monumentenwacht – Monument Diagnosis System

The pilot action “Monumentenwacht” on Monuments Diagnosis System, undertaken by the Forster Centre, aims at the testing of a service offered to owners and operators of cultural heritage buildings. The action allows to perform a diagnosis identifying repairs and small scale investments that improve the estate and prevent the decay of the buildings.


Through an early warning system for decay (regular monitoring and tracking) combined with an appropriate response (maintenance or repair at the right time and place), damage is prevented and large-scale restoration can be delayed or even totally avoided.

Within the framework of the Monumentenwacht pilot project, 8—12 monuments will be chosen for the survey in the city of Eger. These buildings will be subject to architectural and interior inspection. The expert board will prepare reports with recommendations, detailed status report, list of urgent works of repair. They will give on site advices and also prepare a long term maintenance schedule.

During the implementation phase a number of issues will be addressed:

  • How can the project be feasible, sustainable?
  • How can the project be communicated to a wider audience?
  • How can the claim at the monument owner be raised for this preventive method?
  • How can cultural heritage policy be justified in Hungarian policy?
  • How can young people be engaged into project development?


The Monument Diagnosis System will allow to reach the following objectives:

  • To reveal the conditions of the acclimatization/adopting of the Monumentenwacht-method in Hungary.
  • To set up a financial model for the Hungarian Monumentenwacht.
  • To set up an organizational model for the Hungarian Monumentenwacht.


The cultural heritage maintenance policy is a long term policy. As an output of the pilot action, comprehensive studies about the adopting, continuation and sustainability of the Dutch Monumentenwacht-method will be released. 70 per cent of the Monumentenwacht pilot project is a “Thought experiment” or “Gedankenexperiment”. The method has proved to be effective and efficient on a general scale, but the optimal strategy should be identified for the particular case of Eger City.

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