HerMan Project Outcomes

The HerMan Project provides partners with the opportunity to find solutions for the sustainable management of their cultural heritage. The project outcomes present the results and working materials of the two-year-and-a-half international collaboration. They address the issues associated with balanced and effective approaches to conservation and development of cultural heritage and could be used as a reference and guiding source by other cities and regions.

European Benchmark Study

The European Benchmark Study aims to identify and analyze innovative and efficient cultural heritage management models relevant for the HerMan project. The study is accompanied by four short films.

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Management Models

Cultural Heritage Management Strategies, developed by six project partners, present the results of the transnational exchange activities and local pilot actions implementation.

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Pilot Action Assessment

An Assessment of the Pilot Actions is to be made and show the aims and objects of the projects.

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SLaunching and final brochures issued in local as well as English languages introduce the HerMan partners and provide general information on main project activities, and results of international cooperation. 

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Leaflets summarize the exchange and learning activities and are available in local languages.

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Newsletters deliver the information on the recent events, activities, and publications.

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